Specialist in the automation
of food processing businesses

Clæver ERP

An ERP system that does exactly what it promises can truly benefit your business in the food- or fish-processing industry.

An ERP system that has you paying for what you do not use, or which lacks components your business needs, does not benefit your organisation.

Clæver ERP is your partner for organisation-wide increased efficiency and cost reductions. Just like your production machine works to produce faster and reduce margins of error, our ERP system can be deployed on a company-wide basis.

Clear insight into data • Streamline work processes • Positive effect on operational results • Less administrative stress

Why Clæver ERP?

Cost calculation

Clæver ERP automates a wide array of data, which saves time and drastically reduces error margins. Our goal is to offer you more insight into your organisation’s financial results: from operational expenses to the costs and profit per product.

Flexible reporting

Clæver ERP makes it exceedingly easy to draw up custom reports at any time. Our reports are fully scalable and can be tailored to your exact wishes.


Your data is secure within the Clæver ERP. We understand the importance of your most valuable asset: your knowledge! All data is secured, though you can still access it immediately at any time.


Visgroohandel Visco B.V. - Clæver ERP
“It is becoming increasingly important in the food industry to safeguard food safety and quality. Every business focuses on those aspects, but our new ERP system allows us to record the necessary information immediately. This reduces the chance of errors and makes everything much easier for us!” Read more
“As a trade office we cannot live without an ERP system anymore. We can track everything now, from our stock to our sales figures.” Read more
AnT Seafood B.V. - Clæver ERP

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Would you like to see the Clæver ERP in action? Schedule a demonstration with one of our specialists. During the demo, you will get:

  • A clear overview of what the Clæver ERP can do;
  • More background information about the key features;
  • Insight into what makes us such a wonderful software partner;
  • Our recommendations about how to deal with the challenges your organisation faces;
  • An answer to all your questions about our ERP.
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