Clæver provides software and services for the food and fish processing industry. Our concerned specialists help our customers with cost savings, outstanding customer relations, improvement of food safety, calculating costs and improvement of business performance in general.

We do this by linking the best software with the best business processes. We know what your product looks like, how it is processed and what the challenges are in the food and fish processing industry. At Clæver we are proud that our customers are involved in the design and development process. Usability and customer satisfaction are our key words.

Because of our extensive experience, there is a range of options, both for Windows, web and smartphones. In addition, the software can be connected seamlessly to existing software packages, but also on existing hardware (including for example, weighing equipment, bar code scanners, etc.).


Visgroohandel Visco B.V. - Clæver ERP
“It is becoming increasingly important in the food industry to safeguard food safety and quality. Every business focuses on those aspects, but our new ERP system allows us to record the necessary information immediately. This reduces the chance of errors and makes everything much easier for us!” Read more
“As a trade office we cannot live without an ERP system anymore. We can track everything now, from our stock to our sales figures.” Read more
AnT Seafood B.V. - Clæver ERP

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Would you like to see the Clæver ERP in action? Schedule a demonstration with one of our specialists. During the demo, you will get:

  • A clear overview of what the Clæver ERP can do;
  • More background information about the key features;
  • Insight into what makes us such a wonderful software partner;
  • Our recommendations about how to deal with the challenges your organisation faces;
  • An answer to all your questions about our ERP.
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