You are active in the fish processing industry and you are looking for an ERP system. How do you know what system suits your organisation best? An expensive and complicated system is not always the best. At Clæver, one thing is clear: we understand your business!

We are familiar with the operational processes that take place in the fish processing industry. Clæver translates these processes into the Clæver ERP. You do not have to worry about maintenance at all, since our maintenance service takes care of everything. Clæver ERP is the perfect partner for organisations in the fish processing industry. We know the ins and outs of your daily business and continuously modify our system in response to the latest developments.

You do not have to take our word for it: our customers are happy to tell you their stories!

Your business is growing and that calls for a professional software system. The Clæver ERP allows you to continue the expansion of your organisation, while our ERP system automates many of your tasks. Thanks to our professional knowledge of the challenges that exist within the software and fish processing industries, our clients get a fully integrated software system.

We know what you need to simplify your specific operational processes. With Clæver ERP Basic, you can get started right away without any surprises when it comes to costs or implementation time. If you want to continue the professionalisation of your organisation, this may seem like a daunting step. Our training ensures that the transition to the Clæver ERP will be a smooth one.



  • General system settings;
  • Management of master data;
  • Relationship management (CRM);
  • Management of users, permissions and administrations;
  • Workflows (automation of processes and actions).


  • Stock administration;
  • Insight into up-to-date and/or rolling stock;
  • Calling up stock history;
  • Calling up stock status per article (optionally per location, per owner);
  • Full traceability of stock batches;
  • Administration of batch positions and locations;
  • Administration of stock for third parties.


  • Complete purchase order administration;
  • Basis for complete cost calculation;
  • Can be linked to terminals;
  • Printing various types of documentation;
  • Easy diagram creation.


  • Complete sales order administration;
  • Generating price lists;
  • Can be linked to terminals (for order picking);
  • Printing various types of documentation (e.g. order confirmation, CRM);
  • When combined with purchasing: quick handling of the entire order process.


Visgroohandel Visco B.V. - Clæver ERP
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AnT Seafood B.V. - Clæver ERP

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  • More background information about the key features;
  • Insight into what makes us such a wonderful software partner;
  • Our recommendations about how to deal with the challenges your organisation faces;
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