The Production module is the administrative component for the administration of all data associated with processing procedures. With the help of templates, it is possible to create a model for frequently recurring productions that can serve as a basis for new productions. When combined with the production terminal, you will gain insight into the progress of productions and up-to-date returns from your office.
The module’s core features include:

  • Registration of production steps;
  • Fully traceable;
  • Accurate registration of raw materials and results;
  • Calculating returns;
  • Calculating costs;
  • Detailed offset of services.


Users of the Terminal application make use of various terminals for tasks related to stock management. The terminals are installed in the area in question. Overviews and screen layouts are designed to suit the client’s exact wishes, while allowing for customisation per user. The on-screen buttons are large and only necessary information is displayed, which makes the displays simple and robust. The terminal is ideal for calling up information about stock batches; all the user has to do is scan the batch’s barcode. Processing entry and removal orders is another task that can be made simpler and easier with this module.
Its core features include:

  • Providing necessary information on the work floor;
  • Location management (registration and moving of stock batches);
  • Processing orders


The Labelling module makes it easy to print labels containing stock or order data. This can be done per pallet, tub or box and with various printers. When combined with the reporting module, the options are nearly limitless.


The Financial module has two core tasks: invoicing and linking to your financial administration. The financial module allows you to e.g. draw up credit notes and invoices. When combined with the sales module, it is also possible to have these documents generated immediately whenever a sales order comes in. For credit notes, there is also an option to add the credited goods back to your stock. The Financial module can interface with various software suites (e.g. Snelstart, Exact Globe, Gibonet, etcetera).
Its core features include:

  • Complete invoicing;
  • Printing invoices, payment reminders, etcetera;
  • Calculating costs of services (e.g. entry and removal costs and production);
  • Calculating costs of storage for third parties;
  • Forwarding purchase orders and invoices to the financial administration;
  • Reading out payments from the financial administration.


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